Tips to Unleash Your Inner Mad Hatter

Fun fact: October 6th is Mad Hatter Day! Here are some easy ways to celebrate the zany Lewis Carroll character.

Wear Your Favorite Hat


What good is a Mad Hatter without his top accessory (pun intended)? Whether it’s a sports cap, beret, bowler, fedora or something homemade, add a nice hat to your outfit.

Drink Some Tea

Either on your own or with a group of your good friends, turn on the kettle and have yourself a cup of tea. Since there are hundreds of differing tea flavors, be extra bold and try one you’ve never had before.

Wish Someone a Happy Unbirthday


It’s a guarantee that millions of people on this planet were not born on October 6th. Find a few you know and celebrate their unbirthday (extra points if you throw in a special treat).

Crank Up the Music

From film soundtracks to music artists, there are numerous songs and melodies inspired by the Mad Hatter and the Alice in Wonderland world. Here’s some to start you off:

Assemble the Silly Squad


The Mad Hatter and his friends love to sit around the tea table and share a good laugh (when they’re not taking a mouse nap). Get a hold of your silliest friends and bask in another’s humorous company for the day.

Break Out the Reading Glasses or the Popcorn Bowl

What better way to feel like the Mad Hatter than to read where it all began? Head to your local library, bookstore, or own shelf and read Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. If you’re not looking to read the whole book, skip ahead to Chapter 7 where the Mad Hatter makes his big debut. Or watch your favorite film adaptation of the novel such as those produced by Disney and Tim Burton.


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