5 Cartoon Fast Foods Worth Drooling Over on National Fast Food Day

National Fast Food Day, celebrated on November 16th, is all about abandoning diets for something quick, extra greasy, and deviously satisfying. In honor of the holiday, here are five fictional fast foods that give every cartoon fan some bittersweet cravings.

The Bits, Steven Universe


Since the show’s beginning, the world of Steven Universe has introduced its audience to an array of unique foods. However, it’s hard to ignore Steven’s enthusiasm for the Bits, or French fry bits straight from the fryers of Beach Citywalk Fries. These bite-size taters are worth chanting for and prove how one person’s leftovers is another’s feast.

The Krabby Patty, Spongebob Squarepants


Krabby Patties are the fast food staples of Bikini Bottom’s Krusty Krab restaurant. Aside from offering all the desireable characteristics of a burger, these under-the-sea treats are elevated thanks to Mr. Krabs’ coveted secret formula. Despite their dangerous side effects if eaten too often—seriously, you literally can literally blow up—plenty of creatures above and below sea level would do anything for a bite.

The Meatsiah, Bob’s Burgers


Bob Belcher is known for his many appetizing and punny burgers like If Looks Could Kale and Don’t You Four Cheddar ‘Bout Me. However, his most alluring creation is hands-down The Meatsiah. This turducken-like meal features a beef tartare, a medium-well patty, and a beef wellington stuffed inside another; without a doubt, this burger is what meat lovers’ dreams are made of.

The Naco, Kim Possible


Though Ron Stoppable is the inventor of this fast food dish, it’s made possible thanks to Bueno Nacho’s food products. This taco-nacho fusion offers eaters the crisp crunch of tortilla chips, the mouthwatering layers of zest meat and cheese, and the portability of a soft shell taco. Take notes, Taco Bell!

Sugarfoot’s Texas Style BBQ, King of the Hill


Texans take their barbeque seriously; Sugarfoot’s restaurant-turned-food truck is no exception. Their homemade BBQ sauce is big on flavor, seasoning ribs, chicken, and any other meats you want to perfection. Having a stack of napkins before chowing down is highly recommended.


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