5 Absurd Decisions of Classic Disney Villains

Greedy, eccentric, and power-hungry are just some trademark traits of Disney’s classic cinematic villains. Despite the guiltless pleasure Disney fans like myself feel while watching these evildoers execute their sinful deeds, some of their decisions are undeniably outrageous and unnecessary. Here are 5 of the most absurd decisions ever made by Disney villains during their pursuit of their own happy endings.

Endangering Cats for Money, Edgar from The Aristocats


When his rich employer Madame Adelaide Bonfamille arranges for her four cats to inherit her fortune after her death, Edgar the butler is far from pleased. In retaliation, he attempts to eliminate the competition by drugging the unsuspecting house pets and dumping them in the middle of the French countryside.

Aside from the blatant animal abuse, the true oddity of Edgar’s decision is how he actually believes the cats interfere with his access to the fortune. Though he would have to become the cats’ guardian post Madame Bonfamille’s death, he’d be the only one capable of actually using the money. If he had calmed down long enough to remember that banks don’t open cat-only savings accounts, Edgar could have been enjoying a comfortable life rather than a cramped trunk heading for Timbuktu.

A Spur-of-the-Moment Wedding, Gaston from Beauty and the Beast


Gaston isn’t ashamed to gloat his narcissism, especially his belief that his “perfection” can woo any woman. He’s so confident in his chance of attracting Belle that he skips the courting phase and goes right to the wedding day. Before even proposing to Belle, he goes out of his way to hire musicians, get a wedding cake prepared, and even invite as many townsfolk as possible to an outdoor wedding ceremony organized without Belle’s consent or knowledge. Worst of all, he plans the wedding when Maurice, Belle’s only living parent to whom she is immensely devoted to, is away to an invention fair.

Honestly, Belle’s decision to reject Gaston’s proposal is reasonable. Since the whole ordeal ends with Gaston sulking in the mud, the only thing this wedding proves is how self-centered and immature Gaston’s mentality is.

Muting Wisdom with Music, Scar from The Lion King


After killing his brother and banishing his nephew, Scar finally becomes King of the Pride Lands. Unfortunately, Scar’s lack of leadership skills leads the Pride Lands into chaos. Of all the ill choices made during his reign, the most impactful one is his treatment of Zazu the royal advisor.

Trained to know the ins and outs of every animal in the kingdom, Zazu could have been a valuable asset to Scar in terms of strengthening his knowledge of the kingdom and his credibility of being king. Instead, the wise bird became Scar’s imprisoned juke box to help boost his spirits. Scar’s choice to literally tune out wisdom proves that even Scar’s dangerous talent of cunning is susceptible to flaws.

The Jewel-Smuggling Teddy Bear, Madame Medusa from The Rescuers


After finally retrieving her coveted Devil’s Eye diamond, Madame Medusa is in no mood to share it with the kidnapped orphan Penny and her loyal companion Snoops. Aside from holding those characters at gunpoint, Medusa turns Penny’s teddy bear Teddy into her own diamond carrier.

Taking Teddy hostage not only adds to Penny’s heartache but definitely hints at Medusa’s irrationality. Though Teddy’s tummy does well to conceal the diamond, it’s clear how well-known Penny’s closeness to Teddy is. While the investigation of Penny’s disappearance ensues, it wouldn’t be unlikely for someone to ID the stuffed companion as Penny’s and pin Madame Medusa as a suspect. Since she plans have Teddy everywhere she goes, she’s voluntarily exhibiting evidence of her crime and making herself an easier target for police.

Murder over a Missing Invitation, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty


When Princess Aurora’s parents throw a celebratory feast for her christening, they forget to add Maleficent to their all-inclusive guest list. Despite lacking an invitation, the Mistress of All Evil manages to get in and gives the newborn child a death sentence as a present. To ensure her revenge is stable, she enlists her minions in a 16-year child hunt as well as imprisons a prince whose only crime was falling for her target of interest.

Before Disney’s Maleficent justified the villainess’s actions, Maleficent was the queen of turning a petty problem into a major misfortune. Though being snubbed of a good time is always a terrible feeling, vengeance that involves putting an infant in peril and 16 years of commitment is unnecessarily excessive. Throwing her own lavish party or constructing her own letter of grievances against the king and queen would have been a much saner, simpler route.

Know any other absurd decisions by Disney villains worth mentioning? Share them in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “5 Absurd Decisions of Classic Disney Villains

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  1. Good list, Kiersten. These villains are all memorable and we all love (to hate) them. But these are some pretty big blunders. If there were a World’s Dumbest show for movie characters, they better watch out.


  2. Edgar’s reasoning always baffled me more than anything in a Disney movie ever has. Those other villains also had ridiculous ideas, but at least most of them can be explained by their egos.


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