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Curly’s Craziest Hey Arnold! Moments

We were all a little weird back in grade school, but most classes had that one kid who took weird to a new extreme. In the 90s Nicktoon Hey Arnold!, Curly Gammelthorpe is that kid for PS 118. Of all of Arnold’s classmates, Curly’s sporadic behavior and insane antics leave him setting new records in... Continue Reading →


Top 10 Funniest Total Drama Island Moments

Total Drama Island, the first season of the Total Drama series, made its debut 10 years ago today. This toon reality show parody was quick to set the mood for the humor and drama that unfolded throughout its succeeding seasons. In honor of their decade celebration, here are my personal favorite moments from the season... Continue Reading →

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie Trailer Review

After months of leaving fans of Dav Pilkey's Captain Underpants series in anticipation, DreamWorks Animation finally released its first official trailer for Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. Currently, trailer can be viewed on DreamWorksTV and Movieclips Trailers YouTube channels. Buzz about this book adaptation can be tracked as far as January 2014, when actors... Continue Reading →

The Good and the Bad of Disney’s Moana

The anticipation for Disney’s newest holiday theatrical release is an annual feeling of avid Disney fans. This year, Disney chose Moana to make its theatrical debut on November 23. Since its release, the movie has snagged a Golden Globe nomination for Best Motion Picture—Animation and made $145 million dollars in box office sales during its... Continue Reading →

5 Absurd Decisions of Classic Disney Villains

Greedy, eccentric, and power-hungry are just some trademark traits of Disney’s classic cinematic villains. Despite the guiltless pleasure Disney fans like myself feel while watching these evildoers execute their sinful deeds, some of their decisions are undeniably outrageous and unnecessary. Here are 5 of the most absurd decisions ever made by Disney villains during their... Continue Reading →

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